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My very short submission for 2021 AdventureX Jam #AdvXJam2021

I have more ideas for the game's next chapters and I will add them when I get time. Managed to squeeze 1 day to work on this project.

For the theme "Contact" I initially thought about ghosts or aliens, but because my time was limited I tried something along the lines of spies. A man meets a woman for a package that starts their work relationship.


WASD - move the character

E - Interact

SOUNDS from FreeSound.com :

- AlanCat, NicStage and InspectorJ

ASSETS used:

3d models are made by me in Blender, managed to save a few from an old hardrive, still have to texture them.

- GameCreator by CatsoftStudios

- Water shader from Joyce[MinionsArt]

- Volumetric Light Beam by Tech Salad

- Fantasy Skybox Free by Render Knight

- Quick Outline by Chris Nolet


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ThePackage.Mac.zip 77 MB
ThePackage.Win.zip 78 MB
ThePackage.Linux.zip 99 MB


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Thank you so much for developing The Package, we had a lot of fun playing it on stream! 😊I wrote short descriptions of all the submissions for our blog and I wanna add this one here:

Short but sweet – Analog Limb developed the Package in just one day! While it only took us a few minutes to finish it, it sets a great basis for more content. Visually and especially acoustically, it was a satisfying experience that leaves us waiting to find out more about our two main characters and the mysterious package they’re carrying.

Thank you for the kinds words, I have a couple of ideas where to take the characters and I will let you know when I have more content for the game. All the best!

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Thank you for playing the short prototype! It’s great to see someone else going through the dialogues. 

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short nice

Thanks for trying it out even if it's very short. I'm sorry if the framerate is terrible.